Summer vacation is in full swing, yet we’ve been hard at work! In May I announced a general plan to improve and grow our athletic program at HPS. Today, I’d like to provide an update on the steps we’ve taken to do just that.

First, I’d like to introduce you to the first ever, HPS Athletic Booster Club Board:

President – Jeff McPeek
Vice President – Bob Welch
Secretary – Jessica Lund
Director of Membership – Julie Welch
Director of Fundraising – Bob Beattie

I want to thank each of these individuals for stepping up to support HPS Athletics and our kids. They’ve already done a ton of work in a very short amount of time, including defining our mission statement, drafting our by-laws, researching the best possible way to establish the organization, and formulating great ideas on how to support the overall athletic program at HPS. In the inaugural year, these positions were appointed by myself and Principal Sunderman. Moving forward, the officers of the Boosters will be elected during the May general meeting, similar to the PTO.
From a Booster perspective, the balance of the summer will be dedicated to the 501(c)3 process, we will finalize and publish the by-laws, organize and plan our first fundraisers, and define the immediate needs to support HPS athletics. As a family of HPS, you will be offered the opportunity to become a Booster Club member for a nominal, annual membership. As a Booster Club member, you will receive certain benefits, but more than anything you will individually contribute to the support and growth of our athletic program. More info on general membership to come!
In terms of athletic programs, I would like to thank the individual Coordinators of each sport for all they do: Kevin Hoffman – Soccer, Jessica Leimbach – Basketball, Mike Mangino and Joe Beckman – Baseball. We met as a group and together reviewed and discussed various ways to improve each program. We are excited about the opportunities that exist and will share our vision with everyone as the school year approaches.

I’d also like to announce a new addition to our list of available programs – the first ever, official HPS Running Club will begin in the Fall! The program will be available to all ages and is intended to be fun, but also teach the importance of regular exercise, proper running and training techniques, and running safety. I am currently working through the organizational details and will provide an update when registration is available.

Lastly, by the time school starts we will have a fully developed HPS Athletics website. This website will be your ONE location for all things athletics, including program information,
registration links, schedule of events, important documents, volunteer opportunities, and Booster Club details.

Like I said, we’ve been hard at work! Lots more to do, but it’s going to be an exciting year. If you’re interested, I’ve included the Booster Club Mission Statement below. If you have any questions, or comments please contact me directly. And as always, if you’re interested in volunteering please don’t hesitate to raise your hand.

Mike Brugh
Athletic Director, HPS

The Boosters are a parent organization dedicated to providing financial and volunteer support for Hyde Park School athletics and its various stakeholders in an effort to:
a. Ensure that every student at the Hyde Park School has an opportunity to participate in an athletic program at the School.
b. Ensure the development of compassionate, engaged students who are happy to be participating in Hyde Park School athletic programs.
c. Ensure that the human resources, facilities, and equipment adequately support the Hyde Park School’s athletic programs.
d. Ensure that the positive spirit of the Hyde Park School is promoted within the community at large.

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