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HPS Booster Club

The Boosters are a parent organization dedicated to providing financial and volunteer support for Hyde Park School athletics and its various stakeholders in an effort to:

  1. Ensure that every student at the Hyde Park School has an opportunity to participate in an athletic program.
  2. Ensure the development of compassionate, engaged students who are happy to be participating in Hyde Park School athletic programs.
  3. Ensure that the human resources, facilities, and equipment adequately support the Hyde Park School’s athletic programs.
  4. Ensure that the positive spirit of the Hyde Park School is promoted within the community at large.

2023-2024 Booster Club Board Members

Geoff Gloeckler

Geoff Gloeckler


Phone: 646-853-4805

Rob Eisenstein


Phone: 513-255-0662

Lance Meister

Vice President

Phone: 513-638-1705

Kristin Hunter

Director of Membership

Phone: 704-301-0630

Theresa Rosenacker


Sarah Johnson

Director of Fundraising

Booster Membership

The Boosters is made up of members in accordance with the membership policies contained in the bylaws and other policies as may be adopted by the Board from time to time.

Any parent, guardian, or other adult at the school or an adult wishing to support school athletic programs may be a member and shall have voting rights in accordance with the Booster regulations.

By becoming a Booster Club member, you are directly contributing to the support and growth of the HPS athletic programs. Your annual membership will be used to reduce the overall registration cost of these programs, fund new programs not currently available, and will ensure our student athletes have the appropriate equipment and facilities to compete effectively. In the inaugural year, membership will include a small token of appreciation that can be used to support our student athletes on the field and court. With each passing year, we will expand membership options to include various levels and additional benefits.

Please complete the Membership Form today and thank you for supporting HPS Athletics!